Alternative Green Bean Casserole Options

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Green bean casserole is one of the most popular “holiday” dishes in the United States. It’s also a fantastic comfort food, and easily the most delicious food for thanksgiving. For some people, green bean casserole is too high in calories, or contains animal products, so they cant completely enjoy what the recipe has to offer.

If you want to explore alternative green bean casserole dishes, branch out a bit from the “classic campbell’s” dish, and create something completely your own. Some ideas to consider are using fresh mushrooms, making your own mushroom gravy, soy milk instead of high fat cow’s milk, and freshly chopped green beans. You can even go out of your way and create a “summer” version of this dish, by slightly steaming the green beans, and topping with delicate fresh mushrooms and an exotic dipping sauce. That deviates away from the hot oven cooked casserole, but there really are no limitations on what you can do with green beans and mushrooms!

If you want a healthy alternative, it is highly recommended that you use fresh ingredients, and never use anything canned or processed. Soy milk makes a healthy protein packed alternative to milk, and Portobello mushrooms are a heartier choice as compared to button mushrooms. Fresh casseroles always taste better, and your guests will notice the difference! It’s also advised to stay away from French’s fried onions in the cans if you are watching your waistline. Instead, caramelize your own onions and top your casserole immediately after baking or preparing. To take it a step further, consider using organic ingredients to increase the health benefits and healthfulness of this classic dish everyone loves! That way, if you consume too much of it you don’t have to feel guilty!